If I Had High Blood Pressure, Could I Still Purchase Life Insurance?

American’s blood pressure rates are on the rise and according to the American Heart Association 103 million are estimated as having high blood pressure. Can they still purchase life insurance despite this condition?

Life insurers differ significantly when it comes to underwriting procedures, so what follows below are key details about purchasing life insurance if you have high blood pressure.

Can someone with high blood pressure still purchase life insurance?

High blood pressure results from when blood flows at an unfavorably rapid pace through your vessels, disrupting its distribution to vital organs in your body. Hypertension (or high blood pressure) is usually a silent condition; typically no symptoms exist and many individuals remain unaware that they have it unless their numbers are tested regularly.

High blood pressure can be an indicator of other illnesses, making it potentially hazardous and impactful on insurance premiums. People living with hypertension have increased risks for aneurysms, heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure than the general population.

Though life insurance with high blood pressure might be challenging to obtain, it remains possible.

Smokers or those with other risk factors such as preexisting conditions should consider whether their high blood pressure condition is under control and whether smoking contributes.

Life insurance and hypertension 

Life insurance and hypertension 
Life insurance and hypertension 

Have you ever experienced having blood pressure cuffs put on your arm and received a reading of two numbers? These figures represent your blood pressure reading; but, what exactly are they meant to represent?

Your blood pressure readings provide insight into both systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings. Systolic readings serve as a gauge for heartbeat-related blood pressure; your diastolic reading measures resting blood pressure.

Your doctor has diagnosed your blood pressure as 120/80. Systolic pressure is indicated by the higher number, while diastolic pressure corresponds with lower number.

Rapid approval and elevated blood pressure 

Instant approval for term life insurance policies is often possible. An insurer will use a computer algorithm to predict risk and life expectancy with instantaneous approval. No tests or paperwork need to be filled out; all you need to provide information about yourself including age, height, weight, lifestyle and medical background for a quick decision from their insurer regarding approval or not.

According to Cirillo, having high blood pressure makes it more difficult but not impossible to obtain approval immediately.

Insurance premium discounts may be available for people living with high blood pressure.

Even with high blood pressure, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of obtaining life insurance coverage.

Step one in taking care of your blood pressure should be to treat it effectively. People often neglect elevated blood pressure because it rarely leads to immediate medical concerns; however, life insurance companies may reject your policy due to this. To manage it effectively, schedule regular checkups and take medication when required.

Now is the time to change negative behaviors that could worsen high blood pressure, including binge drinking, smoking and overeating. If any of these are part of your routine, take immediate steps to limit or discontinue usage and set goals to eventually quit altogether.

Start by losing any excess pounds, as being overweight puts extra stress on the heart and increases blood pressure. Even small weight losses could reduce numbers significantly.

Exercise can also help lower your blood pressure. A consistent fitness program can assist with this goal – even something as simple as daily walking can have an impactful impact. Your blood pressure may rise if you become totally inactive.

Your high blood pressure may be related to what you eat. Certain types of food, like salt, coffee, fats and others can increase blood pressure.

Stress can also play a significant role in high blood pressure. You should make an effort to relax as much as possible by eliminating sources of tension from your life and engaging in activities to combat its adverse effects, such as meditation. Meditation may prove particularly helpful.

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